IGOnline are a Financial Fitness Service providing people with the tools, technology, and expertise to build a better life, personally, professionally, & financially.


Collaborating with financial experts from across the world, we have combined financial, entrepreneurial, and self-development resources to offer you an all inclusive Financial Fitness service. 



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What's Included in The IGOnline FREE 30 Day Forex Automation & Financial Fitness Trial:



  • Step-by-Step 30 Day Forex & Financial Fitness Educational Online Course

  • Basic Forex Trading Education​

  • IGOnline | R2D2 Forex Automation Service:


    DEMO Account Option OR, LIVE Account Option & Earn between £60 - £150 whilst you learn over 30 Days

  • Basic Financial Fitness & Money Mindset Education

  • Beginners Guide to Investing

  • IGOnline Telegram Support Community



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"Our aim at IGOnline is to not only show you how simple it can be to generate an income online, but to help you build a healthier relationship with your money, & create a secure financial future."


What Is The IGOnline 30 Day Trial?

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

What's Included In My IGOnline 30 Day Trial?

Is there a minimum age requirement?

Do I need any specific tools or technology to participate?

Will this cost me anything?

No. Our Trials are 100% FREE for 30 Days to enable you to trial our services. No payment is required or taken by IGOnline.

Do I need to know anything about Forex, Investing, or Financial Fitness?

Will I need a lot of time to participate in the 30 Day Trial?

Can I invite my friends to partcipate in any of the IGOnline 30 Day Trials?